Q.Why do you need a website for business?
A.he website is a sign of corporate image and a practical tool for management. It can be used for marketing and selling, and represents the scale of the enterprise. When you talk with any business, the other party gets your business card and sees your e-mail address. There is a good chance that other party open the e-mail address domain name with a browser.
Q.Why do companies need mobile apps?
A.Mobile App represents the strength of the enterprise. Imagine which Fortune 500 company does not have a mobile app? Which company's website does not change appearance every year to show up the strength?
Q.Does it take a few hundred thousand dollars to build a system or a mobile app?
A.We will calculate the cost based on Man-day. How many days are needed to build a system is the development cost.
Q.What is the concept of man-day?
A.Man-day, also known as work-day, is the normal workload of a professional programmer in a day. This is a rough estimate used to calculate the total time a programmer needs to complete a task without interruption, calculated in number of days.
Q.What does the relation of build a system and the concept of man-day? What are the benefits?
A.We will deeply understand your company's business needs, and list every detail of a custom system to calculate costs. Based on the principle of fairness, be at ease to build because we care. If the software developer can only provide one cost price, the chance is that it does not have a thorough understanding of your needs.
Q.What's our unique selling point, differ from other software vendors?
A.Our unique selling point is tailor-made development to meet the needs of any industry business. We will never be repackaged and sold with ready-made software. In addition to the finished product, the source code is an important part of the delivery.